February 24, 2016

Shannon Rowlands

How did MBNA increase employee engagement by 36%?

In the 2016 edition of HR Grapevine‘s Guide to Learning & Technology we explain in a 2-page article exactly how MBNA enhanced employee engagement across their organisation, and our contribution to this impressive statistic.

The article kicks off with a ‘best strengths-based leadership initiative’ award for Paul Corke, the Leadership Development Manager at MBNA (a Bank of America company) who 10Eighty had been working with through some difficult times and some much better times too – a bit like that famous novel, and nearly as dramatic as times!

At the beginning of the project people were leaving the business and uncertainty hung in the air as to how many other members of staff would lose their job. MBNA wanted a positive outcome whatever happened so their focus was to build a positive and engaged workforce.

10Eighty developed a leadership development programme using our collaborative learning software, the Leadership Cloud. This helped to open up multiple channels of communication across MBNA enabling collaborative discussions and surveys to reveal the needs of staff.

What happened next?

If you’d like to read the full story and find out how we helped to boost employee engagement by 36% in a relatively short space of time please download the pdf copy of the article ‘How MBNA increased employee engagement’.

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