June 2, 2020


leadership development


The Brief

We were asked to design and deliver a session for an annual away day.  Each year there is a different theme and the theme chosen was ‘people’. The session needed to link to the wider themes across the organisation of co-operation and collaboration and to support the understanding about ‘how to develop my career in the organisation’.

The participants consisted of all people in the Corporate Team, including partners, solicitors, personal assistants and business support staff – a total of 120 people.

The client requested that the session:

  • included personal feedback using personality tool
  • provided something to take away and work on
  • enabled participants to share information about themselves
  • supported the wider goals about co-operation, collaboration and career development


The Solution

Prior to attending the awayday, all participants completed the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) tool as after a review of the market for self-awareness tools, we believed this fitted the needs most closely.

Following some input on the background and benefits of MBTI, we completed the feedback using input and small group activities based around the tables (cabaret style). We particularly highlighted how it felt to be working within preference and out of preference. The discussion around the dichotomies and their type preference focused on:

  • considering how they come across to others, especially those with different preferences
  • valuing and using the contributions made by those with different preferences
  • how to adapt behaviour to co-operate and collaborate with colleagues and clients who have different type preferences
  • how to use their own MBTI preferences best
  • developing strategies to work effectively when having to work in non-preferred ways
  • using the knowledge to improve co-operation and collaboration across the organisation
  • what this means for me and my development

The Outcome

We ran a two hour session; people participated and the group used the input to inform individual development plans and to consider how to work with colleagues and clients more effectively and to understand the differences and the value it adds.

Everyone got an insight into their own personalities and strengths. They also got a better insight into other people’s personalities and preferences.

People used this insight to communicate and collaborate better as a team.

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