May 8, 2020


pay rise


What was the issue presenting itself?

My client had worked for an investment firm for the last six years and held a senior role within HR and Talent. She had only recently returned at the organisation for 3 months following her maternity leave, when her consultation began for her redundancy. My client found this very difficult and her confidence was already low having returned to work to experience a lot of change so quickly. We agreed to work on building confidence and gaining a new role.

Desired Career

The aim was to land a more senior role with management responsibility. My client was very keen to increase her employment benefits with the desire to have a much better work and home life balance. Her ultimate goal was to have a ‘head of’ level role within the next five years.

What did I, as her coach, do to help?

  • Worked on the change curve and confidence
  • Carried out a full CV review to ensure it was fit for purpose
  • Edited LinkedIn profile
  • Worked on network developmen
  • Covered job search strategies
  • Wrote a career plan to achieve five-year plan
  • Focused on how to find and work with recruiters
  • Practiced Interview techniques
  • Covered negotiation skills
  • Held regular review meetings to monitor progress and next steps
  • Once offer received, worked on negotiating the best package
  • Held session on her approach for returning to her new role
  • Wrote a work life balance plan

The Outcome

Through extensive activity working with her existing and expanding network and recruiters, my client received a job offer within six months. She accept the role to manage a team of three and negotiated a £20,000 pay rise from her last role.  The client was much more confident about her future and ability to be successful within her new role.


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