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Liz Sebag-MontefioreToday’s author is Liz Sebag-Montefiore, 10Eighty’s Founding Director who has provided HR solutions to a wide range of industries since 2005, working with numerous firms to understand their needs and is a great believer in the power and intelligence of networking. 

If an organisation must make redundancies then instituting an outplacement programme does more than show concern about the proper treatment of those made redundant but goes a long way to reassuring others that the organisation will do what they can to help them should further change be necessary. Treating leavers well reassures the redundancy “survivors”.

Staff left behind must pick up the pieces, often while dealing with an increased workload; they may be worried, angry or demotivated. There is a clear management responsibility to articulate the benefits that will result from the redundancy programme. To protect productivity is important to convey the ongoing business strategy and the part that team members play in rebuilding and securing future prosperity for the whole organisation.

Taking steps to engage the remaining workforce in meaningful career conversations and set in place career management and career development resources will pay dividends long-term. At 10Eighty we firmly believe that it is important to help employees take ownership of career objectives so that they proactively pursue the career path and development opportunities that allow them to meet their professional and personal objectives.


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Career capital

Effective career management is predicated on a clear understanding of “career capital” – the skills, values, aspirations and potential of the workforce. Career planning can help the leaders to reshape the team, improving effectiveness, employee engagement and productivity. At 10Eighty we use the Fuel50 interactive tool to create a career-engaged workforce and to help managers to conduct career conversations with their staff.

Shaping a career pathway is an ongoing strategy whereby each employee is enabled to articulate their values, strengths and motivations in order to explore career options and build a realistic career plan. Career management encourages employees to seek learning and development opportunities that facilitate the implementation of career planning to optimise aspirations and ambition.

At 10Eighty we see career management as part of overall HR strategy and see a number of benefits in helping staff to explore career pathways:

  • Enable staff and their managers to address and resolve career-related issues
  • Coach and develop talent to anticipate and meet organisational needs
  • Enable positive routes for those whose future lies outside the organisation, for whatever reason, and encourage all staff to plan for the future
  • Improve engagement, motivation and retention through career development strategies
  • Build a collaborative culture and organisational ecosystem to enable and empower a future-facing workforce

There is a clear return on investment experienced as a result of a 10Eighty career management programme. Evidence shows that engaged employees are more productive and more loyal, take less time off work, generate high levels of customer satisfaction and enhanced shareholder value.

Mapping career pathways

We use a suite of career management tools to help people understand their drivers, skills and career direction. Our Fuel50 interactive career management tool helps users achieve career clarity and engagement at work. It is designed to create a career-engaged workforce, through a better understanding of career capital engagement, which helps managers and staff to conduct great career conversations with a horizon-scanning focus and real impetus.

We believe that genuine employee engagement usually requires a shift in workplace culture and solutions such as Fuel50 make a huge contribution to supporting this process and, ultimately, have a big impact on the bottom line. Manager and employee work together on a development plan to eradicate competency gaps and to facilitate mentoring or coaching aimed at navigating a career path for a rewarding future.

In a dynamic and challenging workplace, each of us needs to build skills, keep pace with changing technology, nurture social networks, and proactively manage employment options. A corporate investment in career planning enables a collaborative process that will enhance and realise the potential for sustainable professional, personal and organisational development.

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