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A recent Fuel50 webinar looked at creating a talent marketplace and was hosted by Josh Bersin.

New talent imperatives

The return to work is a reality for many, while the return to normal is not. Capability-matching intelligence is needed to support organisations to get the right talent back into position, knowing that workforce agility demands will continue to evolve fast in the foreseeable future.

Bersin says: we now understand, thanks to the pandemic, that work is all about empowerment, safety, development, and agility. Our organisations have to hire people based on potential and culture, we need to give people the tools and support to succeed, we need to create a work experience which supports the entire person, and we have to create clarity of mission and goals.

The capabilities we need as we emerge from lockdown have changed, and existing HR processes and procedures need to be updated. How does an organisation stay agile while coping with so much change and, at the same time, make the best possible talent decisions when heading into an unknown future?

New operating models

In a low-touch or no-touch customer environment, we need to adopt a workstyle that is a resilient mode; adaptable and cross-functional, to suit the big reset which affects work, leadership, budgets, trust and HR.

The human side of the organisation is becoming more important, technology is more or less commodified whereas talent is critical to success and learning on the jobs is important to employees. In terms of the employee experience you need to be a trusted enterprise able to build citizenship, trust, growth, learning and continuous performance management that enable a focus on shared values and culture, transparency, feedback and reward for skills not position.

Bersin believes that leadership readiness to deal with the ‘next normal’ is low, even though investment is available; and to cope, we need to redesign careers so that individuals are more in charge. He maintains the traditional succession planning methods limit thinking; in the new talent marketplace we need to be more agile in matching people to opportunities, moving from a focus on skills to an emphasis on capabilities.

Non-linear careers

All stakeholders need to buy in, and trust is now a crucial business currency. The organisations that will prosper are those that are clear on the capabilities needed to drive their business strategy, whilst acknowledging the authentic needs of their people.

Ask yourself:

  • Is your leadership communicating empathetically during these difficult times?
  • Do your managers and leaders maintain a healthy balance between financial and people led decision making?
  • Does your organisation advocate and encourage a humanistic approach? Are caring behaviours role modelled from the top?

Mobilise your talent by providing career path transparency. It will transform the way your team think about their careers and establish a workforce for the future.

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Hannah Nash

Hannah is an account manager and career coach at 10Eighty. Hannah believes that everyone deserves career success and career happiness. This lends to her role as a career coach and mentor providing guidance to help individuals drive their career forward. Hannah has been working as an Account Manager for 10Eighty for the past five years developing HR solutions including career management and employee engagement. She works with our individual clients offering career coaching to help them develop their future career and ensure long term career success. Hannah started her career in coaching support within social services. She successfully placed less able and disadvantaged people into jobs. Hannah’s specialism encompasses career management, coaching, employee engagement, talent management and career transition. For the last 3 years Hannah has been working with organisations who partner with HR professionals to provide tailored services and promote employee engagement. Hannah is a also our specialist in Fuel50, an AI-driven career pathing platform.

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