The business ABC of talent management

That’s ‘Align, Build and Connect’ in case you’re wondering and all is explained fully in our article of the same name, penned by CEO Michael Moran and published in the HR Grapevine’s Guide to Learning, which came out on Tuesday.HR-Grapevine-Talent-Management-2018

As Michael says: “knowing how to get, grow and keep talent in a fast-growing business environment is perhaps the most difficult business challenge to get right.”

The 2-page feature has 3 segments:

Align goals starts from the position that HR leadership is all about empowering the organisation to meet business goals and that the 21st century HR practitioner harnesses technology to improve human performance. Managers using the right technology can get massive insights into the values, strengths and skills of their team which can help to support productivity and overall business performance.

Build understanding looks at unlocking potential and building up a picture of an organisation’s talent needs and desires and creating teams that are committed to the organisation’s aims and values, and in tandem with this draw on individual strengths and skills through a personal development strategy. Combine this with a system that carefully matches an individual with career path opportunities and you’re on the right track.

Make the connection considers how an integrated approach to talent and HR strategy can be achieved by adopting technology that supports this process. 10Eighty’s go-to tech is career pathing software Fuel50 which gives staff and managers the opportunity to have in-depth connected conversations that explore career pathways and help to initiate mentoring schemes.

Leading packaging company DS Smith successfully utilised Fuel 50 and told us: “The insights have real depth. Reports are so valuable for realising people’s potential and having more focused conversations.”

The article concludes extolling the virtues of the employee-centred approach because it creates the environment where “an employment proposal can be uniquely tailored to individual needs.”

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To get your own copy of Michael’s article in full simply download the article here.  And if you would like to discuss any topics covered please get in touch.

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