Did you know it’s Mental Health Awareness Week & Learning At Work Week this week?

Liz Sebag-MontefioreToday’s author is Liz Sebag-Montefiore, 10Eighty’s Founding Director who has provided HR solutions to a wide range of industries since 2005, working with numerous firms to understand their needs and is a great believer in the power and intelligence of networking. 

You may have noticed that this is both Learning at Work Week and Mental Health Awareness Week – and there’s so much we can all learn during the former about the latter. In our experience, there are 5 main areas of mental health in which many organisations still have much to learn …



Emotional Intelligence (EI). Emotions can be a powerful ally in the workplace, both in terms of understanding how individuals react to situations – and how others respond. If a greater knowledge of EI is achieved, people will know how to manage their emotions at work, show more empathy, handle tricky issues and learn how to influence others.

Dealing with Stress. Stress affects us in different ways and being able to understand the early signs and how to deal with them is crucial. The key is to help individuals in any business get the bottom of what stress is, recognise its early signs and how best to cope.

Personal Resilience, Health and Wellbeing. This is essential for facing uncertainty and navigating the challenges of career transition. It also means understanding what resilience means and how to build it, an awareness of energy health and wellbeing and to regain balance, once lost.

Navigating Change. External change events can be enormously challenging. The key is to understand the elements of change, reflect more deeply on responses to change and thinking about how to react in circumstances and how to make change a more positive experience.

Neuroscience and brain agility. Organisations need to help their people understand how to maximise performance through understanding their own neurological design and drivers. Once these are understood, stress triggers will become more visible.

To understand how to learn and harness the lessons of Mental Health Awareness for the benefit of your organisation, please contact me on liz.s-montefiore@10eighty.co.uk

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