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July 29, 2019

Liz Sebag-Montefiore

At 10Eighty we believe that people work best when they’re passionate, it makes them more productive. Helping people find purpose and motivation in their work is our mission in life.


We think that building a meaningful career is more important than money and benefits. Passion is what keeps us motivated, committed and productive.

It’s good to show passion combined with authentic interest in and knowledge of your work and employer, who will see your passion as not only enthusiasm for and commitment to the role but also for the team and the enterprise at large. When you’re passionate about your job you have more energy to do it, more motivation and drive to succeed. Passionate people are often more creative, innovative and less stressed, a crucial selling point in the world of work.


The ability to clarify and articulate your mission and purpose in life is an important component of self-development. Over the years, circumstances and priorities will change, aspirations, goals and dreams will change – change means growth.

Whilst not one of my favourite books, Steven Covey in his book, 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, Covey chose the crafting of a personal mission statement to be one of his habits to change your career trajectory. He describes it as a “personal constitution, the basis for making major, life-directing decisions; the basis for making daily decisions in the midst of the circumstances and emotions that affect our lives.”

In creating a personal mission statement, you identify your most important values and beliefs, and consider how they align with your long-term goals; then you can realign your ongoing priorities to maintain a sense of purpose. We work closely with Fuel50, a tool that helps you identify your personal values.


Author Simon Sinek explains that everyone has a WHY—it is the purpose, cause or belief that drives every one of us and is the one constant that will guide you toward fulfilment in work and life. Believing I practice what I preach, my purpose is to help people better manage their careers in order to realise their full potential.

At an individual level, those who understand their job’s wider purpose are more engaged and more creative. From an organisational perspective this means staff turnover goes down and productivity goes up as employees work harder, using their initiative, and making good decisions about their work. All stakeholders, from senior managements to customers, benefit from the positive effects.

Adam Grant, Wharton professor and organisational psychologist, researches and writes about how to improve people’s lives at work. He suggests that you make a list of the biggest sources of meaning in your life and then ask yourself a one-word question about each: Why?

Once you know what your core values are, you can use them to make your work more meaningful. See if you can connect the parts of your job that don’t feel meaningful to a core value, and find ways to work your core values into your job

Find your passion and purpose in life and you will be happier and healthier, a better collaborative and creative worker, a good team player as well as being more reliable. You will be able to see that mistakes are opportunities for growth and look for the opportunities in change and challenge. Remembering Confucius who advocated find a job you love and you’ll never work again.

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