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At 10Eighty we’re great believers in sharing knowledge and expertise with our web visitors, clients and stakeholders.

Over the years we’ve produced a number of free-to-download White Papers on a range of subjects including creativity, career agility, career engagement, employee retention and values in the context of employee engagement. Please take a look at our current White Papers and download any that catch your eye. We have more in the pipeline, so if you’d like to hear about our new White Papers as soon as they’re published please see here.

Coaching Employees High Performance White Paper

Coaching Employees for High Performance

Our new White Paper “Coaching Employees for High Performance” was co-authored by Anne Fulton CEO of our New Zealand partners Fuel 50 and Natalie Hackbarth Inbound Marketing Manager of Quantum Workplace, an employee feedback software company. Together they provide a raft of insights into learning and development strategies, consider how to create a coaching culture, then delve into 2 of the key sub-species of coaching: manager coaching and peer coaching in the context of optimising employee engagement and talent management using the powerful career pathing software 10Eighty’s Fuel50.

Strengthening Workplaces White Paper

Strengthening Workplaces

Do you know how your organisation can achieve performance excellence?

You’ll find plenty of experts lining up to provide you with a definitive answer to this question, but at 10Eighty we think we’ve cracked it! Download our White Paper and you’ll discover why a strengths-based approach to talent assessment and development is being used by some of the leading companies around the world and is one of the fastest growing trends in the HR world and..

  • The value of the strengths-based approach
  • How focusing on Strengths boosts performance
  • Optimizing and stretching strengths
  • Common myths about the approach

Career Pathing Across Talent Lifecycle White Paper

Career Pathing Across Talent Lifecycle

Are you building career pathways to last a lifetime?

That’s the question asked in a new White Paper authored by 10Eighty’s Kiwi partners Fuel50 “Integrated Career Development: Career Pathing Across the Talent Lifecycle – Creating Workforce Agility” which covers these areas:

  • Recruiting — Career pathways as a critical piece of your talent attraction strategy
  • Onboarding — Career pathing to fast-track productivity
  • Performing — Career development redefines the performance conversation
  • Developing — Building sustainable advantage through talent bench strength

Surfing The Collaboration Wave

Surfing The Collaboration Wave

This publication is, appropriately, a joint venture and is subtitled: ‘How to spread the benefits of Collaborative Learning across your organisation’. We wrote this report to enhance understanding of the transformative impact that a culture of collaboration can bring to organisations.

To ensure our White Paper contained qualitative and quantitative data, 100 leading HR and L&D practitioners in the UK and internationally were engaged in surveys or interviews to demonstrate how businesses can and must harness the potential of collaborative learning.

Women’s Careers: What Helps? What Hinders?

Women’s Careers: What Helps? What Hinders?

Over the last 10 years we’ve seen an increase in women on boards of directors, albeit as non-executive directors, but what’s the direction of travel as we head into the 2020s?

In the latest 10Eighty White Paper – Women’s Careers: What Helps? What Hinders? – we lift the lid on women in the workplace by interviewing 21 women in professional and managerial roles, some self-employed, aged 28 to 65 working in a range of sectors.

Creativity & Innovation

Creativity & Innovation

In 10Eighty’s White Paper ‘Creativity & Innovation: Predictors of Employee Engagement’, written and comprehensively researched by our Director and Co-founder Dave Harrison.

Do you want to know the 12 Climate Factors that engender a workplace supporting creativity and innovation?  Then you really should download Dave’s White Paper…

Career Agility and Engagement

Career Agility and Engagement

The research for our Career Agility and Engagement Report 2014 involved speaking to 1,000 individuals working all over the globe and analysed their responses by gender, age and career stage. This key information will help your organisation in its workforce planning, in particular:

  • talent management
  • diversity programmes
  • employee attraction and retention

Insights to Action

Insights to Action

Research by our New Zealand partners Fuel50 clearly demonstrates in this White Paper: ‘Best in class career practices: Insights to action’ how organisations taking action on career engagement improved their HR practices and HR performance, resulting in increased revenue growth, per employee and overall.



Another White Paper by our New Zealand partners, Fuel50 about employee retention: ‘Hold on Tight – Retention is now the Issue’. Their research delves into trends in the global talent market and provides “battle plans” that will assist organisations to secure and retain the best talent on the planet!

Values & Talent Branding Global Insights Paper

Values & Talent Branding Global Insights

At 10Eighty we’ve been working with international clients across diverse industries to define their values in a meaningful way, and leverage these values to increase engagement and create a sustainable Employer Brand. In this ‘Values and Talent Brading Global Insights Paper’ we:

  • Provide insights into the benefits of values-based management
  • Showcase key findings from our aggregate pool of tens of thousands of users across close to 100 global organisations.

Global Talent for Competitive Advantage

Global Talent for Competitive Advantage

Research by Stacey Reynolds our Managing Director for the Middle East ‘Global Talent for Competitive Advantage: Getting to the Table Sooner’, examines the growing issue of the lack of global talent. The research was conducted in response to first-hand evidence of an acute global talent shortage and a seeming lack of strategic long-term responses to deal with the deficit between supply and demand.