Leadership and Management Development

Leadership and Management Development

The difference between average performance and high performance is a function of how you get the most out of the resources available to you.

It is the leader that generates engagement which in turn generates high productivity and customer satisfaction, and ultimately profitability. People join organisations but leave managers. In a society where sustained competitive advantage comes from knowledge workers, it is the leader who holds that crucial role of turning talent into performance.

10Eighty’s approach is

  • To understand your business, really understand your business and in particular the points of competition.
  • To understand your people, identifying what they need to maximise their performance.
  • To design bespoke interventions that meet your organisation and your people’s needs. We build leadership capability. This is not an off-the-shelf process – we don’t have a magic bullet or favoured methodology. We always build our interventions based on diagnostics.
  • To deliver programmes tailored to the individual needs of your leaders.
  • To embed the learning, our interventions are focused on delivering solutions to real business problems. Our mission is to deliver a leadership capability that produces real business benefits, a demonstrable return on investment.

10Eighty’s CEO Michael Moran discusses the Leadership Cloud:

Joan O’Connor talks about leadership development:

In a Q&A with Michael Moran and Joan O’Connor they discuss newly appointed leaders and personalised development:

The Leadership Cloud

Our Leadership Development is based on 3 principles:

  • Self-discovery and self-awareness: using psychometrics and 360.
  • Building employee engagement and “followership”: using our CareerCENTRE™ and career conversations.
  • Understanding the behaviours that made you successful which you need to retain; and stopping or dialing down behaviours that are no longer appropriate to your role as a leader, and developing the new behaviours you require: using coaching and mentoring.

For further reading about online leadership programmes you could download ‘Heads in the clouds’ by Tim Hitchcock for Thomson Reuters and ‘Leadership Development in the Age of The Algorithm’ by Marcus Buckingham for Harvard Business Review.


“I have been working with 10Eighty over the last year. They are partnering with me on an LD programme for all leaders that directly supports our engagement strategy. It has been extremely innovative in support of us taking a very different approach to how we develop people. A key aspect of this is our introduction of the Leadership Cloud, a collaborative learning tool to develop leaders. 10Eighty have provided Thought Leadership and expert design and are excellent partners to work with.”

Marc Whitmore, Head of Organisational Effectiveness at Bank of America

To find out about how 10Eighty develops Leadership and Management capability, please take a look at our Coaching services.

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