Trevor’s a top collaborative learning evangelist on Twitter!

We were over the moon to discover that 10Eighty’s very own Head of Collaborative Learning, Trevor Merriden, was named ‘2nd most important influencer on social learning’ according to a report created by – ‘What were the 2016 L&D Twitter Trends?’ – which broke the main L&D categories into:

  • Virtual reality
  • Video
  • Collaborative/social learning
  • MOOCs (Massive Online Open Course)
  • Games/Gamification

It analysed L&D-related Twitter posts from 2016 and identified key topics people were actually talking about, with a view to predict the future direction of L&D over the coming years. Amongst all this analysis Our Trevor made the Top 5 in Collaborative/Social Learning with an impressive 236 tweets on social learning.

Trevor has long been a ‘Collaboration Advocate’ arguing that we need to “kick down silos” and “pop learning bubbles” to work better together. And he has been helping to make this happen for a range of organisations thanks to 10Eighty’s Leadership Cloud, a platform that supports collaboration and learning across organisations and:

  • allows leadership development to be highly customised, delivered to individuals, to groups, or the complete leadership population
  • cuts across hierarchies and taps into an organisation’s collective intelligence, creativity and innovation
  • facilitates dialogue within a leadership population, enabling CEOs to communicate and get feedback on their strategies
  • builds high-performance, a step-change in engagement and delivers a rapid ROI.

Click here to find out more about 10Eighty’s Leadership Cloud.

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