How Emma made difficult conversations easier yesterday

We held an interactive invitation-only lunchtime session ‘Making difficult conversations easier’ at 50 Liverpool Street, London, EC2M 7PD yesterday.

The event was facilitated by Emma Mitchell, one of our leadership development experts along with Joan O’Connor Head of Leadership Development, who was advertised as Emma’s co-host but was unable to attend due to illness.

Leadership-showcase-Difficult-conversations At this 90-minute session attendees:

  • learned how to call upon their strengths to face challenging conversations with confidence and composure.
  • explored how working with a strengths perspective can transform a difficult conversation into a constructive dialogue.


Everyone who attended yesterday were offered a selection of recent 10Eighty leadership articles, which are all available to download on our website:

‘Here Come the Everyday Leaders’, an article which recently appeared in HR Grapevine’s Learning Technology Guide 2017

The Strengthscope® white paper ‘Strengthening Workplaces: achieve performance excellence using a strengths-based approach’

A case study about 10Eighty’s work with MBNA: ‘How MBNA increased employee engagement from 52% to 88%

A 10Eighty White Paper: ‘Surfing the Collaboration Wave: How to spread the benefits of Collaborative Learning across your organisation’

Here’s a slide from Emma’s presentation (full disclosure: the model used in our presentation slides was adapted from ‘Difficult Conversations’ by Stone et al)

Leadership-showcase-Difficult-conversationsWe’re planning more invitation-only lunchtime showcase events over the coming months.

Find out more

Click here to find out more about the benefits of our strengths assessment tool Strengthscope®.

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