Are you an Everyday Leader?

At 10Eighty we’ve been thinking long and hard about leadership development and about what a leader should look like in 2017.

And you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve encapsulated our thinking in a 2-page article catchily titled “Here Come The Everyday Leaders” (full disclosure: Suga Babes and Ini Kamoze songs were painlessly paraphrased in the creation of this headline!) and written by Joan O’Connor our Head of Leadership Development for HR Grapevine’s Guide to Learning Technology 2017.

You’ll see this advert about our leadership development services in the April 2017 edition of HR Magazine:


In a nutshell… an Everyday Leader understands what the organisation wants, has clear personal plans balancing business needs and their own careers and, most important of all has good leadership habits and knows how to embed them in others through their words and deeds – and continues to do this throughout their working lives.

Read ‘Here Come The Everyday Leaders’ in full

If you would like to find out more about 10Eighty’s new thinking around leadership development and read Joan’s article in full just click here, enter a few details and you’ll received the download direct by email.Everyday Leaders Article - HRGrapevine

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