Have you seen our new team page?

We recently updated Our Team page and wanted to make a bit of a song and dance about it!

Out are the purple-dyed pics. In are full colour photos, many of them taken at our Associates Day which we held at the end of November 2016. You can find everyone’s LinkedIn profile when your mouse hovers over their profile photo, then click on an individual photo to discover Team 10Eighty’s in-work and out-of-work passions.

10Eighty-Our-Team-Page-2017 As you probably know, at 10Eighty we’re big fans of the work-life balance, detailed in a few of our blogposts including The work-life balance trick and Work hard but maintain your work-life balance. The opening sentences of the latter blog nicely sums it up:

At 10Eighty our motto is “work hard, do good and along the way have fun”. We think that if you love what you do it often doesn’t really feel like work, and it is mostly fun. 

We certainly enjoy our work and the various disciplines we’re involved in have kept 10Eighty in shipshape shape for nearly 5 years now, but did you know that…

Nick LawsonNick Lawson (pictured) our Finance Director is also part of a Barbershop Quartet/Octet that perform in the Surrey area…

Hannah Moran, our Business Development Executive equally loves to race around Brands Hatch or cycle in her local park…

Joan O'ConnorSarah Jamodu, our Operations Manager is handy with a paper-cutting knife…

Joan O’Connor (pictured) our Head of Leadership Development adores amethysts, which had a big influence on 10Eighty’s branding…

Douglas Reynolds, our IT Translator is a St John’s Ambulance regular and fan of 80s electro-pop.

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For more information about the extensive experience of Team 10Eighty and some more interesting factoids head to Our Team page

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