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Strengthening Workplaces 10Eighty White PaperWe wanted to let you know that we recently launched our latest White Paper ‘Strengthening Workplaces’ which asks the question ‘Do you know how your organisation can achieve performance excellence?’

Numerous HR gurus and experts will provide a million and one answers to this slightly rhetorical question. Our White Paper provides a multitude of reasons why a strengths-based approach to talent assessment and development is being used by some of the leading companies around the world and is one of the fastest growing trends in the HR world.

Our new 32-page White Paper provides a myriad of insights into strengths-based working – the history, theory and practice. As we outline in the report many organisations have experienced a huge impact by taking the strengths-based approach.

Here’s an overview of our ‘Strengthening Workplaces’ White Paper:

  • A brief history of the strengths-based approach
  • The value of the strengths-based approach
  • How focusing on Strengths boosts performance
  • Optimizing and stretching strengths
  • Common myths about the approach
  • How to integrate the approach in the DNA of your organization
  • Talent management and strengths: The next 10 years.

StrengtheningWorkplaces-White-PaperDownload our new White Paper

If you would like to download a copy of our Strengthening Workplaces White Paper just click here. Within a minute or two a PDF of the report will arrive in your inbox.

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